HD GOVMailer Help


Now it's a no-brainer to contact Congress or State Governors. Find out who your representatives are, and contact them with just a couple of clicks. HD GOVMailer contains the database of every member of Congress, making it easy to contact any of them with just a few clicks.




•   Contact representative online using the built-in browser   •

•   Update Congress database with one click   •

•   Contact state Governors with just one click   •

•   Email Vice President or First Lady directly   •

•   Easily compose and print unlimited letters to representatives   •

•   Built-in web browser   •

•   Visit representative's web site   •

•   Built-in emailer. Send email to anyone   •

•   Government link directory for FAQ's, Kids.gov, and more.   •

•   Contact President directly   •

•   Free upgrades for life   •




•   Win2000/XP/Vista   •

•   Internet connection   •

•   500mhz processor or higher   •

• 512mb ram or higher   •

•   1024x768+ display resolution   •

HD GovMailer Help