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The perfect companion for medical marijuana growers.

With the ever increasing acceptance of Marijuana as a medicinal plant, more and more folks are cultivating their own plants.

Although Cannabis is a hardy plant and will grow under extreme conditions, you must feed it and nurture it to get it's full potential. Medical marijuana is of the highest grade, with maximum amounts of active ingredients. The Cannabis Journal aids in the process of growing for newcomers and helps experienced growers track plants progress during their grow cycle.

Free lifetime upgrades. Excellent free email tech support.

Try if free for 30 days. No restrictions. If you like it, purchase an unlock code, enter it into the trial version and you're good to go. Having problems? Fill out a trouble ticket in our Support Center and we'll get back to you within 24 hours, usually an hour during business hours (PDT).

  650mhz processor or higher
  512mb ram or higher
  1024x768 display resolution
Shareware. Unrestricted for 30 days. - 16 mb
Regularly $49.95

The Grow

- Create unlimited growing records.
- Store notes for each grow. During, after and smoke notes.
- Store pH, PPM, water temp, plant height, light hrs on/off, water changed and room temp readings.
- Optionally set min. & max range for readings.
- Optionally display warnings if readings are outside range.
- Store dry weights.
- Track seed purchases.

Watch It Grow

- Store unlimited images with notes for each image.
- Image slideshow. Sit back and watch it grow.
- Rotate and crop images.
- Export plant's images & notes to html.
- FTP html with images and notes to server.
- Send images and/or grow report by email.


- Built-in weight & currency converter using current rate.
- Calculator.
- Restore & back up database.

Grow Guidance - (with more to come!)

Strain Guide - The most extensive, detailed seed strain database w/ photos. Search, browse or add your own. Visit seed bank site with one click. Over 150 different strains listed.

- Quick Growing Tips.
- Lucas Formula.
- Links to YouTube HowTo Videos


- View summary of all grows.
- Plant quality rating system.

- Optionally check for free updates on startup.
- Free updates for life.
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Main Screen
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NOTE: There are no refunds once an unlock code has been issued. We recommend downloading the trial to try it first. Trial versions can be unlocked with reg code sent after purchase.
Upgrades: To upgrade your current version, download above and install over top of your existing installation. You current data will remain intact.
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